Friday, July 30, 2010

Thor trailer


It looks alright. I want to go see this sorely for the Klatu looking destroyer at the end there. That and how much this is not the Nordic Thor that most Scandinavians now and love.

The action and framing looks decent. Not mind-blowing but ok. There is a bit of slightly tilted framing going on in Asgard that looks interesting (every thing slightly tilted automatically gets a thumb up from me)

There is something about their costumes/weapons weight that bugs me. Its meant to look heavy and hard to weld and since these are gods, its there for supposed to be easy for them and their movements aren't really hindered by it but it looks to cheap. They should have added some weight to it for feel and context. Then again, it might be the editing of the trailer and we see stuff out of context. Time will show.

For now, it looks ok. I do love that this is a five minute trailer and not a 01:30 trailer like the rest but this is also leaked from the comicon 2010 somehow.


Inception plotline

Paradox, baby!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Goon Trailer

It's been a long couple of years now since we first heard that Eric Powell's great monster/mobster comic THE GOON was becoming a feature film, courtesy of producer David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, etc.) and FX company Blur Studios. So it's nice to see the project is still slowly coming to computer-rendered life. The Dark Horse comic revolves around a creature-punching mob enforcer and his mouthy buddy, and their misadventures in a bizarre monster-filled town.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tricks are for kids

As much as I was disappoint in the last Force Unleashed game, I'm gonna check out the sequel thats comming soon. The game had some nifty details, decent story and looked good, but was to arcadeic and platform-orientated. The combat was worse. Treating the lightsaber as a mere meele weapon is a cheap game-designer trick for grinding and adding "playtime" to your game. Batman Archam Asylum had the same tactic but at least there the combat flowed smooth and was skill-orientated and at least fun!


The reason for this post is that I recently became aware of a special edition of the Force Unleashed 2. Its gotten the whole deluxe packing with a slick presentation and Artbook. Thats well and fine but its the preorder bonus that annoys me. It comes with a skin and a "crystal" that makes your force powers not drain that fast..

Really.. Thats it? Ive worked with characters and adding a new skin/texture is not that hard, nor is it that time consuming. Im not saying that it has to be. But I feel like a extremely cheap trick. And adding to the insult is a "force-power-crystal". This is a simple input command into the game. I mean. Its just a bit too simple for it to be a preorder bonus. Why not go all out and add a new character. Not just skin, but new moves and some new levels for him/her. I realize that the rest of the gamers that dosent preorder gets angry, but most company`s release the preorder bonus later for a small fee anyway.

There is so much potential!

Im just saying. Treat your gamers! Make them really want to preorder the game!
Im gonna play some Jedi Knight Outcast in the meantime... At least there you can cut of limbs!


Audience reacts to "Devil" trailer... and its not good

Someone filmed the audience’s reaction to the Devil trailer that played before Inception at the movies. Their response to “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” bit at the 15-second mark is priceless.

Audience reacts to "Devil" trailer
Uploaded by dsully215. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

My good.. Is Airbender really that bad? I seem to be the only guy who actually liked Village and Lady in the water.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christoffer Nolans Short Doodlebug

So I'm currently trying to stay away from any word of mouth on "Inception" as Im going to see it later today and the less I know the better. Ive seen the teaser trailer, but avoided the official one. So much so that I litterly stuck my head down in the popcorn bag while on the screening for Prince of Percia. I've been warming up with re-watching Memento (one of my favourite movies) and The Prestige (also just amazing in its own terms) and rented both the Norwegian film Insomnia and Nolan's remake as I'm sure Ile be wanting more after tonights premiere.

In my search of finding more about the works of the director ,I came upon a short he did 12-13 years ago. The style is familiar, and as much as the premise is more high concept, the action is bad. Never the less. It does the job. The short film, titled Doodlebug, was made in 1997, and stars Jeremy Theobald who also starred in Nolan’s debut feature "Following" (which is going to be released later this year)

I think you’ll readily identify themes that run throughout much of Nolan’s later work. Notably, matters of being, paranoia, the dark nature of the material etc.

Also adding the trailer for "Following"

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Kayne and Lynch gameplay vid

Video Games | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days | Single-Player Gameplay HD
XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

The gun-play/gun feel hasn't been updated since Freedom Fighters/Hitman 1. I mean, I love IO Interactive but they need more "Omphf"/kickback in their weapons (and yes I know that Lynch was firing with a silencer) It just needs more of an impact on the environment thats all, but Im loving the new art direction for the game (Here`s hoping for no more jungle missions!)


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