Tuesday, April 05, 2011

CAT Shotgun test

Tried to animate the C.A.T. rig that follows in Autodesks 3DS MAX 2011.

It wasn't as easy as I thought. Its a brand new system and as with everything else new, its a bit wonky at first.

I had big troubles with the hand following the barrel of the shotgun as "Link constraint" diden't work, so I hand-animated it. (also the gun is way too big for the arms, so the swivel angle of the arms flipps) The annoying thing is that C.A.T. puts a key on every link/bone made down the hierarchy, making it a bit unstable after a while. Fun test though

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Philips Daylight Window Concept Presentation

Awesome! This is a great idea. Still looks a bit clunky but still. Its a step in the right direction


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