Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Images From Sylvain Chomet and Jacque Tati’s The Illusionist

From the maker of "The Triplets of Belleville", Sylvain Chomet, comes a few pictures of his new Animated movie "The Illusionist".

This looks gorgeous! Since Im working with 3d most of the week, its refreshing and inspiring to see "real" animation movies stil beeing made. (also cant wait for the new disney movies`s return to 2d with "The princess and the Frog")

Here are the four pictures, as freshly released by Pathe.

"You might recognise the likeness of Jacques Tati in one of these characters. The film is based upon an unproduced script of Tati’s and according to the official synopsis this is the “story of a dying breed of stage entertainer whose thunder is being stolen by emerging rock stars. Forced to accept increasingly obscure assignments in fringe theaters, garden parties and bars, he meets a young fan who changes his life forever”.

It appears to be a period piece, which is not a surprise; sheep feature prominently, as do cars and other means of transportation; the animation favours a watercolour look which suggests nostalgia; the actual performing of illusions appears to be somewhere off screen so far, and I don’t know about you but I can’t see a drop of rock music anywhere. What a tease.

Chomet certainly seems to have a strong Anti-American streak, caricaturing US tourists in both Belleville and his Paris Je’taime live-action short as being snap-happy fatties in Mickey ears. Bashing Disney seems a bit rich when Disney were responsible for refining the craft on which he’s built his work, and definitely set the precedent for much of this stylistic choices.

He has also, so far, shown a complete lack of control in plotting and pacing. There’s no denying how charming his work is, how wonderfully drafted, imaginative and full of character but there’s not been much narrative discipline on display. Here’s hoping The Illusionist, with the help of Tati’s screenplay, pulls that particular rabbit out of the hat"
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Teaser for "Up in the Air"

From Jason Reitman, (Thank you for smoking and Juno) comes a trailer for his next project starring George Clooney. Clooney stars as Ryan Bingham, “a corporate downsizing expert whose cherished life on the road is threatened just as he is on the cusp of reaching ten million frequent flyer miles and just after he’s met the frequent-traveler woman of his dreams.” Despite what the official studio released plot synopsis might lead you to believe, this film is not exactly a romantic comedy, it is much more.

Last week I saw "Thank you for smoking" for the first time and I was blown away! Its all character driven which I like, but the characters are also so defined, yet loose and cool. Starring Aaron Eckhart as a "spinner" (basicly extremly sharp, and crafty and its his sole job to spin the truth) that represents the tobacco industry as well as being a good father to his son. It exposes the hypocracy that the society needs to make bad things, more palatable.

Paramount Pictures has provided /Film with the exclusive premiere of the first teaser trailer for Up in the Air, which is an alternative cut created by Reitman specifically for the internet. The teaser is based around a speech that Bingham gives at motivational speaking gigs. It’s a very Fight Club-esque philosophy — that the things you own, and the relationships you carry, end up owning you and weighing you down. (With a hint of "American Psycho" objectisme), and this is the key philosophy of Ryan Bingham, who lives his life traveling around the world, free of relationships, family or compromises. source /

Watch the trailer in High Definition here: 480p and 720

Up in the Air is currently scheduled to hit theaters on December 4th 2009.

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awesome cutlery

Im currently on a little "cutlery hunt" since my old knifes and forks are family air-looms and just misc gathered from the ww1 to Ikea. Now that I have bought my own place, I also finally want to start getting, or develop a style that suits my life.

I then came over these things and they are wicked!

Pratical? no! amazing and well suited to my work? (3d biz) YES!

To bad they cost about 1000 euros.. (8500,- kr) Goddamn these artists and their artsy, outofthisworld prices..

Oh-well, there is always something else:

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Video Premiere: Basement Jaxx: "Feelings Gone"

After the first run through of Jaxx`s new music video and song I was a bit dissapointet.. but decidet to let it grow on me.. Now I am diggin it! And so should you!

Space travel meets puppetry in this cosmically charming clip.

Somewhere between 2001: A Space Odyssey and the puppets from "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood" lies this new one from video innovators Basement Jaxx. In it, the Jaxx and their friends try to save electro-funk singer Sam Sparro, who plays a wayward astronaut. Did we mention their real heads are stuck onto little puppet bodies? (Of course, this isn't the first time the Jaxx have had their heads superimposed.) Andy Soup directs.

The new Basement Jaxx album, Scars, is out October 6 in the U.S. via Ultra and September 20 in the UK via XL.

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Since Spotify is now on the Iphone after along await from Apple to approve it, id thought that I would share some of my music with you good folks ;)

The app couldn't have come at a better time. Its fast and reliable. You need a premium account for it to work with the Iphone but its not that expensive since I have totally abandoned Itunes as the main music-player in my life. Also you can DL the playlists so that you don't have to have it streaming all the time, as well as getting better bits per rate and no "Jonathan" on the regular version on your machine. Works great. The only thing that bothers me a bout is not spotifys fault but Apple`s since you cannot have spotify working in the background. You can only play the music whilst in the the app. It also doesn't work with the earpice remote. (stop,skip,repeat). Maybe that will change in the upcoming patches from both sides. as for now Im really happy with it. Find it on app store or

So without further a due: My playlists

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:6fEQXP3hHFEgydQLbjOBpO - Norwegian hits (Everything ranging from Dum Dum boys to Rune Rudberg)

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:0w0MPhiIbcxhnotLIfMo69 - This is most of the music that I listen too on a daily basis. (Everything from Chemical brothers, INXS to Lykke li)

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:6BccZnVGXHfVPpaJOZbB5v - Drum N bass playlist. Everything from Pendulum to Seba and Adam F

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:1u1X3NMMiomw74WqhviH4H - Lazy summer days playlist. All the music in this one is for when you are hanging in the park on a warm sunny day or just chilling at home with the windows open on a hot day. Max Chillout

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:5fxTogjfGME3czwLNNBSYU - Old 50s music. More to come in this one as it will soon merge into my jazz collection/animation music. It will blow your socks off!

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:175zPrEMfqUdNwntTKCdXS - OST (origial soundtrack) Movie-music that covers everything from the old Batman soundtrack to Hanz Zimmer to the background music from "Lost". Great for inspiration when working on your masterpice!

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:3Xl2B6M68FjTQiaodfgyuN - All of the remixes. I do listen to alot of remixes and here they are. Chromeo/daft punk to late of the pier/hot chip

*spotify:user:fisk007:playlist:6A1mVaK4uJaFmDt1BlhYuY - This playlist is for when I want to get in a partymode quite fast, or working out. They are the definite pick me up songs after a hard day. Pluss their are really bitching!

Keep it up! Thumping bass! London retrival!

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