Monday, June 22, 2009

Superb work by Matthew M. Laskowski, Student of the Art Institute in Boston

I love his style. Its a mixture of Gorillaz/passion pictures meets tank girl mixed with the wibe of Jet set radio/Mirrors Edge. Its also a subtle, minimalistic style similar to the animatrixs short "Beyond"

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Amazing retro/steampunk hand crafted models by Stephane Halleux

Stephane Halleux, a French sculptor is the creator of a remarkable collection of steampunkish characters, engines, vehicles and very curious creatures. He makes the most amazing anthropomorphised creations, most of which is cyborganic in nature, existing in an interzone between man and machine, all rendered in a decidedly retro-futuristic flavor.

Most of Halleux’s models are constructed and detailed from various media (see above), all sharing a cartoonish steampunk vibe that’s really appealing.


Fan created Mario art

Serveral different artist share their version of world famous Mario bros.. Quite kool


First Look: Tim Burton's "Wonderland"

The USA Today article (where the images premiered) confirms that the movie is kinda like a sequel. The film begins at a party where Alice, now the age of 17, finds out that she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty high society types. She makes a run for it, and of course ends up following a white rabbit down a hole, back to Wonderland — a place where she visited a decade prior. The White Rabbit is convinced that he has the right girl but Alice doesn’t remember her past visit to Wonderland. The creatures of Wonderland are ready to revolt and are hoping/waiting for Alice to help them, but will she? Can she?

Burton gave us a tons of Oompa Loompas in 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a grief-wracked demon-barber in 2007’s Sweeney Todd. Now one of Hollywood’s most visually creative directors layers his own surreal sensibilities upon the fanciful world of Lewis Carroll in Disney’s "Alice in Wonderland", due in theaters on March 5, 2010. This first look at some of the concept art for the film suggests there is the usual Burton dark magic afoot.

Its all very much like "Hook" with Robin Williams where Robin plays a old version of Peter Pan and is forced back to Neverland to help the kids beat Mr hook. This movie also featured a more gritty and surreal take on the classics.. Well, It will be worth it just to see what twisted creations Burton comes up with and how Depps character "The mad hatter" will sound like.. =D

This is the closest we will come to a movie version of the still great American Mcgee's Alice video game (released by Rogue Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts 2000) that depicted suicidal and catatonic Alice and "Wonderland" as a true dip in horror, discomfort, acid and true grittiness..

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Trailer For The WWII Miniseries: The Pacific

Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and from the creators of “Band of Brothers”, The Pacific is a a 10-part HBO mini-series which tells the intertwined stories of three Marines, Robert Leckie (played by James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda), during America’s battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II.

"Produced on a reported budget of more $200 million (some have reported $250 million), and shot on location in Australia, the series follows (from an early press release) “The extraordinary experiences of these men and their fellow Marines take them from the first clash with the Japanese in the haunted jungles of Guadalcanal, through the impenetrable rain forests of Cape Gloucester, across the blasted coral strongholds of Peleliu, up the black sand terraces of Iwo Jima, through the killing fields of Okinawa, to the triumphant, yet uneasy, return home after V-J Day.”

I loved band of brothers despite it beeing a tad slow and abit over the top patriotic at times. It was the first series that depicted war in a new and, dare I
say fascinating way. Be sure to check out...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

This One Time...

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

Here's a great animated short by CalArts student Nelson Boles. I really love the look of it and the whimsical style and storytelling.

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

Also another vid by nelson entitled "Bad Hair":

Bad Hair from nelson boles on Vimeo.

And showreel:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Which Student are You?

A teacher named Chuck Dillon at The Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia made this list of different characters that he encounterd throughout his ten plus years of teaching art. The list captures stereotypical American characters and traits but some of them applyes to my own students as well. Cudos


Aint that the sad truth...


Timetravel tips!


Transformers2 fun facts

Did you know if you took all the robot parts from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and laid them out end to end, they would stretch from one side of California to the other (about 180 miles)?. Paramount has released a list of fun facts relating to Michael Bay’s alien robot sequel. Check out the full list after the jump. Warning: Possible minor spoilers (nothing you wouldn’t have gathered from the trailers/tv spots).

14 robots last time, 46 robots this time (ILM only)
If you had all the gold ever mined in the history of man, you could build a little more than half of Devastator.
Optimus Prime will be life size on IMAX screens in many forest fight shots.
Devastator’s hand is traveling 390 miles per hour when he punches the pyramid.
The pyramid destruction simulation was 8 times bigger than the old rigid simulation all-time record holder at ILM.
All robot parts laid out end to end would stretch from one side of California to the other, about 180 miles
Devastator’s parts stacked tip to tip would be as tall as 58 empire state buildings.
If all the texture maps on the show were printed on 1 square yard sheets, they would cover 13 football fields.

Disk space
TF1 took 20 Terabytes of disk space. Trans2 took 145 Terabytes. Seven times bigger!
145 terabytes would fill 35,000 DVDs. Stacked one on top of the other without storage cases, they would be 145 feet tall.

Rendering times
If you rendered the entire movie on a modern home PC, you would have had to start the renders 16,000 years ago (when cave paintings like the Hall of Bulls were being made) to finish for this year’s premiere!
A single imax shot in the movie (df250) would have taken almost 3 years to render on a top of the line home PC running nonstop.
IMAX frame render times: As high as 72 hours per frame!

Optimus Prime will be life size on IMAX screens in many forest fight shots.
Imax frames take about 6 times longer than anamorphic to render.
IMAX frame render times: As high as 72 hours per frame!

ILM screen time
ILM Screen Time is about 51 minutes.

Devastator is as tall as a 10 story building.
Devastator has more than 10 times the number of individual parts found in an average car.
Laid out end to end, Devastator’s parts would be almost 14 miles long.

Devastator totals
Number of geom pieces: 52632
The total number of polygons: 11,716,127
The total length of all pieces: 73090 feet
The total length of all pieces: 13.84 miles

According to the New Zealand Herald, Michael Bay has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records

So ambitious are some of the scenes, that Bay has made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest explosion on film with actors present. That shot was filmed in New Mexico.

Hahah... Insane..


Cold Souls Movie Trailer

In the surreal comedy, Cold Souls, Paul Giamatti plays an actor named… Paul Giamatti. Stumbling upon an article in The New Yorker about a high-tech company that extracts, deep-freezes and stores people’s souls, Paul very well might have found the key to happiness for which he’s been searching. But, complications arise when he is the unfortunate victim of “soul-trafficking.” Giamatti’s journey takes him all the way to Russia in hopes of retrieving his stolen soul from an ambitious but talentless soap-opera actress.

Cold Souls premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and it’s easy to see why it has drawn many comparisons to the stories of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine…etc). and I allready know that im gonna love it =D

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2012 Movie Trailer

Sony Pictures has released the first full trailer for 2012, the next big disaster film from Roland Emmerich, the director of Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla.

To be honest, I had kinda gotten tired of the disaster movie genre as a whole, and wasn’t really looking forward to 2012 at all. But judging from this trailer, 2012 looks like it could be the first fun disaster film we’ve seen in a long while. Some of the effects-infused scenes just look incredible. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about seeing a disaster film since first witnessing the alien ship blow up the White House in the Independence Day. Bigger IS better!

CG destruction galore of epic proportions!

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Thirst/Bakjwi Red Band Movie Trailer

Focus Features will open Park Chan-Wook’s new film "Thirst" on July 31, and so far we’ve had only international trailers through which to check out the film. Now IGN has a red band trailer made specifically for the US, and it’s pretty freakin’ great. Check out the escalating pace of this story about vampires and faith..

The swedes reinvented the vampire story last year with the perfect "Låt den retta komma inn/Let the right one come in" and it looks like the koreans will have their pice of the bloody cake as well thanks to Park. Cant wait!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lou Romano’s ART of "UP" *spoilers*

Former-Pixar production designer Lou Romano has posted a massive post on his blog, chock-full of production artwork and tests from his work on Pixars newest film, “Up”. Even video tests. Warning: there could be some spoilers, so don’t indulge yourself if you haven’t seen the film yet and want to be surprised.

As always the art of Lou Romano is gorgeous to behold. Similar to the work from The Incredibles, (production paintings, color/lighting design and artistic direction) this was done to help inspire the look of the film and you can get a sneak peak at the art pices here:

For every Pixar movie, a color script is created, which is essentially an at a glance look at the color keys and tones for the entire film. A color script gives you a good look at how the color arcs in a film relate to the story. Lou Romano created the color script for Pete Docter’s Up, which you can see after the jump. As a color script is an overview of the entire movie, be warned that it not only contains spoilers, but is a giant spoiler.

You will notice that the beginning of the film is heavily saturated. When Ellie enters Carl’s life, she brings much needed color. When Ellie dies, Carl’s life again becomes more mundane and colorless. But the color returns, as with the memory of Ellie and her sense of adventure, when Carl begins his journey with Russell. Each new character brings a new level of color and brightness. Also, notice how the scenes of adventure are bright, and the scenes of danger get dark.

"UP" has yet to hit scandinavia but it sure look amazing and I am pretty confident that it will elevate 3d and storytelling to a whole new level (and maybe even start a small spark for childish adventureisme)


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