Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halo 3: The Facts

Don't understand the hype? Want to know why Halo 3 is the juggernaut it is? Check out the Halo Facts to learn just what the big deal is.

Here are some highlights.

*“Halo®” and “Halo 2” have sold more than 14.8 million copies worldwide (Xbox® and PC versions). It’s expected that by the end of the year fans will have spent more than $1 billion on the “Halo” franchise.
*Of the 7 million members on Xbox LIVE®, more than 5.5 million have played “Halo 2.”
*“Halo 3” has more audio than 20 feature films combined, including the following:
39,000 lines of dialogue
13,000 sound effects
Music totaling six hours of continuous play
*The “Halo” franchise has received critical acclaim worldwide. “Halo,” “Halo 2” and “Halo 3” have received more than 235 awards from media and industry organizations in the United States alone.

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From evil Avatar

It doesent really matter how many bananas the dev-team has eaten, I am still not going to buy this on launch-day..

Halo(s) has a decent story and atmosphere to it, but gameplay is way to arcadeish for me. Sure, it works but I am much more happy playing this on the pc since the controlls on the consol is way to oldfasioned and when I am playing the game it just feels to static. (And yes, I am one of those how still think FPS games should be played with a mouse. Insane, I know..) Ile buy it later but Im not in a rush. I leave that to the 14 year old freckled kids with their "hard-begged" money.

The power of CGI

This video clip just blew me away. I seriously had no idea that there was so much CGI in David Fincher's ZODIAC. I guess Finch really didn't need to go out and find/create backdrops that looked like San Fransisco in the 70s. Check out the following clip to see just how much of the background was real, and how much was just a bunch of shit the tech dudes added later.

Crazy, huh? Sure, it's not Shia LaBeouf acting with an enormous imaginary robot head, but this is pretty sick too. The big blue screen has to be a little distracting, doesn't it? Anyway, this is a pretty cool little insight for all of you interested in film-making.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

A thoughtful read of why the Super Mario movie is an underappreciated masterpiece


Stranglehold demo

The closest thing you get to Max Payne in nextgen...

So the demo has been out a while on Xbox-live. The game is a "spiritual sequel" to the movie "Hard Boiled", where Inspector Tequila battles crimelords/bosses in Chicago and Hong Kong and struggling to "balance his duty to uphold the law while doing what it takes to save his family." Which basicly translates to leave no enemy breathing. The demo is tons of fun but its really repetative. I dont know what I expected but some variaity was actully missing. Like a protect the v.i.p. mode/mission, protect the bystanders or something.

Graphicly it looks very good. Offcourse its good, its powerd by the Unreal engine.
While most games now days brags about the destrucability factor in their game and squirt out sayings like "This game is pushing the limits for stuff you can damage/everything you see is destructible" and its always a huge letdown when you find out that the pillar you are shooting at breaks in 2 pices and falls thru the floor. Well, fear not. Stranglehold has incredible destruction. Quite possible the best so far and is a true benchmark for future games and consoles. Almost to much at times. Though it is perfectly fitting for the "over the top" John woo type, it does have a drawback. One bullet can just as easily destroy marmoreal statues as it does with, say for instance, cardbordboxes. Shouldent it be more like ten bullets for statue and one for wood? Its like everything is made out of butter. I also have a think that the higlighted "shoot_here_and_watch_this_sign_fall_down_and_crush_some_goons" signs should have been toned down a bit. It would have been much more effective if you almost hit the signs by accident and yelled out. "holy cow.. did that just happen?".Another thing is that it takes a while to get to know the controls. Especially the bulletti... cough "Tequila-time" (as it is so fittingly named). I cant remember how it played you in Max Payne but it was never a issue. Here I found it troublesome at times to enter bullet-time and controling it in order to achive the desired effect. This however did not stop me from playing the demo 5-7 times.

Ile give it a more thorough walktrough when the games hits the shelfs

And to end it all, a funny racist joke =d

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