Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sieve-Like Ubi Site Leaking Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed Vids

Astute tipsters discovered some unprotected directories on Ubisoft's site, and we now have 20-second clips of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Assassin's Creed 2.

AC2 is up thar; SCC is down thar. These don't feature gameplay, QT events only. Im assuming these are meant to be played sometime at E3.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

27 taglines to put you off a film

Would any of these entice you to buy a ticket, I wonder?
See what you think, and add your own...

"From visionary director Brett Ratner"
"Based on the best-selling videogame"
"The Chipmunks are back! And they've never been squeakier"
"Better than Gigli!"
"Ben Affleck. As you've never seen him before..."
"Best Film (Dudley Film Festival)"
"A comic book movie that's even better than Catwoman!"
"Rob Schneider's funniest film ever!"
"Prinze Jr is back. And he's angry"
"Based on Dan Brown's best selling novel"
"The moving story of unspoken love in the world of banking"
"So good I almost put it on expenses!"
"The sequel to the direct-to-DVD smash hit!"
"Based on the classic 1960s TV show!"
"It's Star Trek meets Pretty Woman!"
"The film Chris Tucker was born to make!"
"Television's cutest animal is the movie's biggest new star!"
"Nicole Kidman's dream project!"
"Starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan"
Come to think of it, "Starring Meg Ryan"
"The amazing true story of Paris Hilton, in her own words"
"In Redditch, no-one can hear you scream"
"Inspired by the blog of the same name"
"The concert movie of American's hottest teen singing sensation!"
"Finally: Juggernaut gets his own movie!"
"You thought he was dead. But he's just resting his eyes, and having a bit of a kip"
"At last! A whole new Crank, without Jason Statham in it!"


The Complete List Of Tired Movie Cliches

So just last night I was watching a film that contained a whole heap of film cliches and screenwriting tropes, and I thought of an exercise to keep your brain ticking. I thought we could all get together and try to compile a complete list of movie cliches that we're sick to death of. Yes, all of them. Yes, from all the different genres. Then maybe someone in Hollywood will print the list out, put it on their wall and stop putting them in all their movies. Hey, it's worth a try.

Here are a few suggestions of the most egregious examples to get you going.

1. No one ever locks their car. This is especially true in action movies but kinda tired all over. In the modern world, you leave your car and you lock it. It's not even something you think about. If you are currently actively engaged in chasing a suspect, I'll concede that you might skip it, but if you're merely in the neighbourhood interviewing a witness, there's no excuse not to at least wave your infrared key fob in the direction of the lock.

2. The L-shaped sheet. So the couple are laying side-by-side in a post-coital glow; he's got the sheet somewhere below the belly-button but she's got it under her armpits. While there are good prurient reasons for both choices, have the courage of your convictions and go one way or other. Unless she's really short and he's really tall, in which case OK.

3. Splitting up to look around. You're in a scary house / spaceship / ol' silver mine. One of your number has gone missing. You're all wigged out. Why, in the name of Pete, would you split up to look for him/her? Has none of you ever seen a horror movie? Hell, even if you haven't have you no common sense? Might as well just blow your own brains out on the spot, unless you're the heroine. Getting split up by circumstance is one thing, but actively splitting up to search for someone is just naff.

4. The big soliloquy the night before the big push. This isn't just true of war movies, but it's most overused there. If you're going over the top in the morning, for god's sake keep your mouth shut. Taking out pictures of your sweetheart / reminiscing about your family back home or your childhood is a good way to get shot. See Dead Meet Thompson in Hot Shots for a great play on the practice, and Saving Private Ryan for its occasional subversion (Ed Burns has a speech but doesn't get hit, for example).

5. The father complex. Get over it. If you're over 21, there's just no excuse for it. This applies especially to Tom Cruise, whose entire '80s oeuvre was built on the father complex.

Right, those are just a few really obvious ones to get you going, and I've barely even touched on rom-coms. What other movie tropes and cliches need to be retired?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Team ICO reveals "TRICO"

Finally some video from the developers of ICO and Shadow of the colossus, Team Ico about their newest game: TRICO (placeholder-name)

Two of my favorite games of all time and they are coming out with a new one soon! At least some more info. Not much have been shown since the reveal of a picture a couple of months ago. And this trailer is breathtaking! Its apparently "leaked" footage of the current game. Leaked or PR stunt? Anyhoo the games looks amazing and get this. The footage is apparently over a year old! Thats right. Old footage that are kicking current next gen games into oblivion!!

Team ICO really pushed the capabillitys with the PS2 with games as big and grand as Ico and Shadow of the collosus. They werent highrez or had any fancy shaders/displacement/paralex mapping as the newest games have but they do have something that all other games are stuggeling with. Namely atmosphere. On top of that they have top notch animation and an unpresidented sense of scale unmatched even by todays standards. It also features a beutifull errie setting as you can never take things for granted. They are the JJ abrahams of the game industry. And by that I am talking about the "less is more" and "keep it simple stupid" approaches.

These games are my favorites because they dont really see obstacles in the game philosophy but new ways of using old techniques and they also challenge the gamers with some quite tough moral choices. Truly what games are about. Innovation. I also love these games because of the superb animation that are on display here. Timing, weight and the characters are well thought out and impressive to behold.

Ile stop now before I accidently write 500 pages of how I think every family should have a playstation 2 with a copy of this game, and each child would be required to play it once they had come of age.(In addition, sports franchises would be limited to releasing one game every 4 years!)

Looking forward to E3 for more candy from this game!

(PS: Dragonbaby dies)

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Want a spotify account?

I have been using spotify for a couple of months now and Im really happy with it.. It dosent find all my music and the swedish callers are irritating (although amusing) but the idea that its "free" for everyone use plus the fact that you can share playlists with others is pure genius! You can even get playlists from the net. Allthough its not good official playlists =( YET! Imagine if Roskilde, Hove or any of your favorite festivals or venues released a playlist containg the artists coming. Or what about your favorite celebrity? What does for instance Bill Murray listen to? Or Kevin Spacy for that matter? It would be pure joy! This has really opened up a whole new way for using the net and there for Im sharing this:

A video tutorial on how to get Spotify without an invite:

This is just one way. You can also buy spotify for one day and after that you apparently have the acount forever. I would recommend that you buy the service they provide and support them.

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Red faction MP demo out!!

After playing the RF SP demo for quite some time now and have basicly destroyed everything on the level.. at least 5 times now, I jumped trought the roof when I saw this:

I dont play multiplayer any longer since I feel its a waste of time plus the fact that Im more interessted in the singler player aspects of storytelling, character arc and animation. I did play alot of Jedi knight Outcast and Acadamy in my younger days and had my fair share of CS,Q3,STARCRAFT and SOF2 matches but I walked away from this the later years I have strayed away from this. Never toutched WOW or Warhammer online and working on a AA title MMO certainly dident help much, but when I saw the MP footage above I said: "Screw that! Im getting in on this". I booted up my 360 (since the mp demo hit there first) but I encounterd a huge wall called subscription. I have recently gotten alot of mail due to the fact that Im not renewing my subscription fee on Xbox live.

I have abandoned XBL since I bought PS3. Its just more sleeker and more intuetive (plus the huge fact that Playstation Network is free!) Im saving it to a exclusive game. Though I doubt that will happen with nowdays licenses. Most games come on all plat..... ANYHOO! Im strafing away from the subject. I couldent get online with my XBL account because of its payment thing and I cant change it back to silver either (Silver subscription is free but then you have to wait a couple of days more for the demoes to go from GOLD til SILVER.. haha oh the madness) So I abandoned the box and waited a couple of hours and then turned on the PSN and there it was in all its glory. RED FACTION MP DEMO! and Infamous demo! Yay!

I downloaded it and was ready to start hammering away when nothing happend in the game lobby. It couldent connect to any server. After a quick google-session I found the blog for RF and there they say:

We wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of an issue surrounding the MP Demo matchmaking on the PS3 version of the demo. We are already looking into it, and will have more information soon.

We appreciate your patience during this time and I'll update this post once there is more information.


So gah.. I have to wait a little more then. I got one match in yesterday thinking it might have been fixed but no. The match was good and gave me a taste at what the final version would be like. Im still looking forward to RED FACTION when it hits next month. (June 26)

In the mean time I will just have to settle with Infamous.. or go play with my GI joe`s in the sandbox... *sight*

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I love physics games!

Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

"Crayon Physics Deluxe" is a 2D physics puzzle/sandbox game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics.

Awesome physics
Over 70 levels
Easy to use level editor
And more...

Now if we could only connect it with this :How-to-make-a-cheap-multi-touchpad then we are talking!

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