Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Conserts in space and time...

Post time!
You feel some what obligated to post the very minute you start a blog, so heres a short post just to feed the guilt monster.

Some of the conserts that I got plans of seeing. See you there?:

*07.09.06 - STEREO TOTAL (D/FR) + Support: Monomen - (MUST!!)
*17.09.06 - MOGWAI
*19.10.06 - DANKO JONES + John Garcia (Kyuss) - (MUST!!)
*21.10.06 - JR EWING
*24.10.06 - MOTORPSYCHO - (MUST!!)
*26.10.06 - JULIETTE & THE LICKS - (MUST!!)
*28.10.06 - BEL CANTO
*02.11.06 - YO LA TENGO
*04.11.06 - DATAROCK  (MUST!!)
*14.11.06 - SUFJAN STEVENS
*18.11.06 - RALPH MYERZ AND THE..... x2 
*24.11.06 -THE KOOKS
*25.11.06 - Cansei de Ser Sexy - (MUST!!)
*30.11.06 - THE CHEATERS

These and much more on Rockefeller

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bob Hund Reunion!

One of my favoritte band of all times are getting reunited!! *POP! Champagne!* 

It was not long ago I first heard about Bob hund and from the first time (the very first track even) I listend to it, I got hooked. Their sweet folkrock with indie/alternative pop/rock roots mixed with melancholy Skåne lyrics (a Swedish dialect) just punched my in the heart and stayed there. Its not music you easily forget and when I really want to get in a good mood thats what I listen to. Unfortunately I discoverd them to late and my boyish dreams of watching them live died...

But things in cosmos are now back in order and they are having a reunion tour soon.. (The article mentions that they wil get together in order to do one gig for a grand opening of a new bar/consertplace in Sweden but the band themselves want to go on tour and make new records so Im crossing everything I got 2 pair of...)

More info here (in norwegian)

Here is some quick vids:
Istället för musik: förvirring: X
Skall du hänga med? Nä!!: X
Düsseldorf: X
Ett Fall Och En Lösning: X

And if you like the tune but dont understand the lyrics you can listen to
Bergman Rock - Jim: X

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cansei de Ser Sexy - Consert

Even though I only heard a couple of wicked tracks from this band, Im convinced that they will do a kickass consert when they play the 25th of nov at BLÅ i Oslo..

*do the 90`s dance*

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

More here
Ohh those crazy suicidal monkeys..[X]

Dyretpils - Summer edition 06

One of Norways largest and most wildly known "creative-forum-bunch" desided they where all thirsty for beer and a date was then set for people to meet and have vivid discussions rangeing from which 3d program is the best, tips and tricks in the industri, which cameras is best for different jobs to just movie/music/chicks jabber and general chatter. Great night and according to the "bosses" a new personal record for attendence. YAY!!

Here is some pictures taken with one of those fancy camera-phones:

Check out and join in next time..

Monday, August 21, 2006

Øya 06 pics

Here is some quick pics for this years Øya festival here in Oslo:

Check out these artists:
Grand Island
The Low Frequency In Stereo
Hurra Torpedo
The whitest boy alive

And here you can see every consert that was at Øya (but only out august):

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