Saturday, February 14, 2009

‘G-Force’ Teaser Tests Our Ability to Comprehend Stupidity

Now I know why America is having such a hard time fighting the war in Iraq. They aren’t using guinea pigs as soldiers!

Disney’s "G-Force",a film about a group of highly intelligent guinea pigs trained by a covert government program in the art of espionage, doesn’t come out until July 24, 2009. But we’ve got the teaser for it in all its furry goodness, thanks to the official Disney site. The film is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

G-Force has a pretty solid cast of actors attached to it, with the likes of Sam Rockwell, Penelope Cruz, Tracey Morgan, Kelli Garner, Bill Nighy, Steve Buscemi and dare I say it, Nicolas Cage. The main problem I have with it, and many other animated films, is the tendency to make characters racial stereotypes. Penelope Cruz is “Agent Juarez?” Why didn’t they just name Tracey Morgan’s character “Agent, I Play Basketball Well” and have the guinea pig wear a skullcap and gold chains? Yay perpetuating of ignorance!

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GOW 3 trailer and screens

First, the trailer is just fantastic. Not only because the game is shaping up to be incredible, but from a cinematic standpoint, it shines on its own merit. As we watch Kratos fight his way though the army, we noticed right away of how much it seemed like the enemies looked like they were getting hit. Unlike the previous versions of the game, where it seemed like the same enemies didn’t have any weight to them — this time around it does. For instance, once you hit an enemy in God of War II, they moved almost like paper. But now, as the blade cuts a solider, it somewhat looks like the blade is penetrating him. That should make it feel a tad more awarding when you kill one of the thousands of enemies and give it a realistic vibe.

The graphics isnt "overthetop" highpoly nor does it need to be. Id take a lowpoly nextgen GOW epic with tons of enemies and giant elaborate epic set-pices over a highpoly, weird looking, "max-10-enemies-at-a-time" GOW anyday...

Screens here:


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