Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vincenzo Natali shortfilm 1997 "Elavated"

"Elevated" is a 1997 short film directed by Vincenzo Natali and co-written by him and Karen Walton, who also participated in the writing of Ginger Snaps.

Elevated is a phenomenal short film. A true horror-thriller, it employs a simple gimmick. The entirety of the film takes place on an elevator (kind of like my other favorite movies: Cube, Hard candy, Phonebooth, Buried, Nothing). From such a simple premise a remarkable amount of tension and horror is derived, delivered by a surprisingly diverse and dramatic shooting style in addition to excellent performances. The film begins with a woman and a man sharing an elevator at the end of the day. They are going down when a building security guard joins them. Covered in blood, he commandeers the elevator and sets it to go to the very top of the building. From there a tense psychological battle joins, as the security guard—not the most trustworthy of figures with his manic, panicked behavior, tries to convince the others that going down is not such a good idea.

Watch the short here:

Elevated de Vinecenzo Natali
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Great use of stereotypes and characterisation as well as enviroment. Give this guy more money!

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