Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tron: Daft Punk Music + Poster

Check out the first release from the new TRON sound track, "Derezzed."

Tron: Daft Punk Music Montage

Trailer Park Movies | Myspace Video

Amazingly I dident love this song immediately which is kinda odd since I swallowed almost everything else that they`ve given me =D

Took a couple of repeats for it to sneak under my skin. Its still not on par with the other stuff they`ve made for the movie (I know, Ive bookmarked the songs on youtube =D) but this is also more like the way Daft Punk scoring a Tron movie would sound like I guess

Im going to the sneak peak extravaganza the suits call "Tron day" Similar to Avatar, they are going to show 23 min of footage from the upcoming movie. I sadly don't really care for the story or characters in this one. Im all in for the effects and having a good time at the cinemas. (Looking forward to watch a real 3d movie for once.. Not this up-converted crap)

The original Tron was the one to really push me into working within the CG business and is still one of my beloved, yet flawed movie that I always can curl up with after a long day or on a rainy afternoon.

The old one live on sheer nostalgic feel, the fast editing and what people thought computers looked like inside. Its was really a original tale when it first came out and had the likes of Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan to back up the light yet warm story elements..

Its light-cycle race is still, to this date, something people still recall as a genuine fun and immersive memory.. I wonder if they are even going to try and top that in the new one. I hope not, but the marketing and hollywood sense says otherwise

The new one looks to have been thoroughally upgraded into the dark and slick and the more flamboyant "reloaded" style.. Which I don't mind at all. If the rest is good that's a plus.

I've decided a long time ago that I will love this no matter what anyhoo =)

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