Friday, February 11, 2011

"The Prodigies/La nuit des enfants rois" Trailer

The film, based of Bernard Lenteric’s novel of the same name (French title: La nuit des enfants rois) centers around a group of gifted teenagers whose past traumas cause them to wreak havoc against the world, and the one person capable of putting a stop to their revenge.

Synopsis : "When we're together the world will be our thank you. This will be the night, the long Prodigies ... "

They are five, living across the United States. Five geniuses, adolescents with an intelligence capable of handling the incredible mind of others. Jaffar has Jimbo same abilities and looks like its always been. Through the multinational his adoptive father, Killianetworks, Jimbo finally managed to find them and bring them together. When children are victims of a violent assault in Central Park begins for the five gifted a new era of violence and revenge. The era of Prodigies. Then comes the time for Jimbo to choose: the stability of the adult world, or the destructive rage that has never really left since adolescence...

While not as detailed or polished as modern CGI productions, the cell-shaded/previz look has a unique style and is among the key elements that has me so pumped to check out the finished film. The animation and shear energy in the cinematography also helps also. I for once love a different style and who better to do this then the french ;)

This is the first feature from Antoine Charreyron, who perviosly directed games such as "Wet" (Eliza Dushku) and Wheelman (Vin Diesel), both over-the-top action video games

Seriously. It looks like Killer 7 meets Inception on acid. How can you not love that?

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