Friday, February 11, 2011

Crysis 2 MP Looks Amazingly Addictive!

I'm not a fan of online games. Those who knows me have heard this countless times. Its true. I tested some mmo-games out. Anarchy Online/Planetside but Ive always favored single players games since they are more story-driven, better character interactions and least of not all. Have better animations!

Ive had my online feasts at times with, SOF2, CS, Jedi knight, UT, Trackmanina, Fear Combat but this was mostly at LAN. Crysis 2 seams to really appeal to me with the incredible graphic, sophisticated dynamic gameplay with suit powers that change on the fly. I can see that its going for a really addictive play-style with the point system ala COD/MW so Ill properly devote some time on this one and brush the dust of my trigger finger ;)

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ps: love sort of similar "crackdowns narrator" in this one

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